Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Harvest Time (or 'Oh yes!! I've finally grown some edible veg')

Today was a great day for this amateur veggie grower, whilst I have been growing vegetables, rather haphazardly, for a number of years now, this year has provided the best harvest.  Despite only moving here 9 months ago (got the keys 2 days before christmas, gulp!) my husband and I threw ourselves into the garden with much gusto.  For various health reasons I decided on raised beds, we built 3 large ones and a smaller one relatively quickly, husband then filled them with topsoil transported from the unwanted rockery we had inherited in our back garden  - he was a total saint, although I must say I did have the thoughtfulness of buying him a wheelbarrow !!!  Next on our 'to do' list was a herb garden and again husband came up trumps and so I was able to start the growing season with everything insitu.  
Despite the wettest summer for years we were able to grow and eat many varieties of veg/salad this summer. Now autumn is upon us and the onions,potatoes,tomatoes etc are all harvested, I have just realised that EVERYTHING veggie to be used in tonight's dinner has been grown in our garden - potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, mushrooms,peppers,herbs, ... ooh and the eggs are from our chickens,  it's a good feeling to reap the reward of all the hard work.  The only job left out there for me now is caterpillar hunting - the little darlings are determined to strip the brussels sprout plants, every day, twice a day I'm out there ferreting out the devious little blighters, I have to keep them in a box with a nice juicy leaf, so when husband takes the dogs for a walk later he also takes the caterpillars and 'rehomes' them far, far away (he cannot bring himself to squash them).
Still working hard on the new 'Cobweb' range of bags for betsy-blue, this is the new colour range I am currently doing: 

And yes I'm still knitting daughters socks, on 2.5mm dpns it's taking a little longer than I thought but I do so enjoy watching the stripey pattern appear :)

"Its Amazing.... All That You Can Do"

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