Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tea & Yarn

Well, the trip to cafeknit in Lavenham was worth the effort, such a gorgeous display and choice of yarns !! Tagged along with my mother,sister & niece, my sister was driving so made the effort to be well prepared - flask of coffee, book, chocolate, warm blanket - I may have only been travelling 35 miles to our destination but this is the same sister who drove home via wales from birmingham NEC a few years ago (we live in Suffolk !!) Her sense of direction is legendary, hence sensible precautions are necessary ie. cancel all plans for the following day as you can be sure we won't be home 'til midnight.
Anyway, the shop was fantastic, the coffee & smoked salmon bagel were delicious and I may just have bought a few more skeins for my 'collection'. Decided on the Opal fairies & elves for daughters socks (pinkish), bought some Orfordness yarn for myself as I use to live in Orford and have most likely petted those sheep at some point. Couldn't resist the knitting kit for a beaded scarf, very yummy colour options, eventually chose very pale rose pink with tiny seed pearls to knit into scarf.
The best bit about the shop - you can sit and knit !! that's right - knit away, coffee and cake to the side and enjoy the company of fellow knitters, if only there was a shop like this on my doorstep.
The rest of my family were as tempted as I am and we all came away happy and enthusiastic about our next projects. My mother is an excellent prolific knitter, even if I sat forever knitting I still could not hope to be as exact as she is (she is also the poor soul who has to unravel/pick up my knitting disasters and take calls at 11pm demanding the explanation of kfb & double moss stitch)
Called in at a local fabric shop on journey home to pick up some chain for clutch bag handles and found the most perfect fabric for the range of cushions Betsy-Blue will be launching very soon. As well as bags & purses I also embroider throws (ideal for chilly autumnal days/evenings) and this rich brown chrysanthemum head throw is perfect for complementing current decor trends.  

Husband is on supper duty today, so am now off to cast on.... just need to choose which one !!

"It's Amazing..... All That You Can Do"


  1. 'Opal fairies & elves' sounds enchanting! What brand of wool is that?

  2. Hi Sarah, Opal is the brand, 'fairies & elves' is one of their collections. it's a beautiful self-patterning sock yarn.