Thursday, 20 September 2012

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After spending so many hours in front of the sewing & embroidery machines I decided I needed to look for alternative crafts for relaxation.... and very recently rediscovered my love of knitting.  In particular handknitted socks, although to be honest I have only made a few pairs until now.  My first effort a few years ago was chewed by the new puppy Blue, whilst still on the needles !  My second attempt was pretty impressive if I may say so.... and I wore them with pride, handwashed them, worshipped them and then one day I rather thoughtlessly threw them into the washing machine and being mostly wool they felted rather impressively (sad to say I couldn't part with my first effort and they sit in a drawer, mocking me for my foolishness everytime I open said drawer)
This time round I put thought, time and effort into selecting the yarn and pattern, waltzed along to Twist in Woodbridge (a rather glorious local wool shop) to make my purchases and promptly fell in love with a totally different yarn, the Noro Silk Garden Sock wool.  Have successfully completed the first one and am halfway through it's mate, shown below.  Hopefully time and experience will improve m

 I am 'jack of all trades' crafter whose main love is designing and handcrafting Bags :)  I have an online boutique,  where I sell embroidered, needle felted and embellished purses, throws and bags made by myself along with finishing touches for 'prettying up' your home. y ability but in the meantime... what the heck - I am loving them !!

Noro Silk Garden sock yarn

On the bag designing front I have just finished a rather gorgeous Alpaca yarn embellished clutch purse.  This fabric was double layered, needle felted, embellished with Alpaca yarn and then embroidered over the surface before construction commenced.  This a sneak-peek of the clutch, it still needs some finishing touches and a far superior photographer !!  Am now in middle of making a tote bag to complete the set.

Cobweb Clutch

"Its Amazing.... All That You Can Do"

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  1. Love the socks! You're such a neat knitter! Can we have an update of the finished article please?

    And your bag is gorgeous; sounds like you've put a lot effort into it!