Friday, 21 September 2012

Finished in time !

Wahoo.. have finished my Noro Silk Garden Socks, just in time as this means I can visit a new (to me) yarn shop in Lavenham tomorrow, with no current work-in-progress on my needles :)  Btw I had exactly 22 inches of yarn left from skein, causing me many a worry for the last hour of knitting, gulp.  The freedom of choice for next project is overwhelming, oh wait, i just remembered I have promised to knit a pair of socks for my daughter (she is 20, currently at uni and suffers from cold tootsies).  Hmm.. well as long as the yarn is pink I don't think I can go far wrong.  She was never a 'girly girl' as a youngster but the pink theme has slowly been creeping up through to adulthood.  Anyway, it still means I can seek out something new for myself, roll on tomorrow !!

"Its Amazing.... All That You Can Do"

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