Sunday, 7 October 2012


Hmmm.. it was Saturday, which must only mean more Yarn & Fabric shopping with Sister  !! Yesterday's port of call was Franklin's in Colchester, Essex.  A stunning array of fabrics, along with a most impressive choice of yarn meant the loss of another 2 hours this morning.  Picked up some fabric for  use in future bags designs, a couple of more books and... dare I say it... some more sock yarn - but as it came with a free pattern I didn't see how I could turn it down!!  This one is by King Cole and incorporates cable so it will present more of a challenge.  Sister grabbed the Katia pattern book after falling in love with this shawl (me too... don't know how keen she is going to be knitting 2 of them).


Happened upon an article in one of the daily newspapers which proclaims 'Granny-chic' is this years big news in interior design - slightly shocking as it would appear I have been fashionable years ahead of time :)
Crocheted granny squares are being incorporated into everything from bed-linen to rugs - I just love the old-fashioned blankets myself.  Apparently 'sewing baskets' are popular autumnal interior design items too - surely they are a necessity not a seasonal ornament ?!  Either way I shall continue to store my yarn in baskets, make my own curtains and knit my own cushions - even when the current fashion-craze has passed !!

Sunday is usually my lazy day but with those pesky caterpillars still to catch, chickens to clean out & green tomato chutney to make,dogs to walk, roast to cook and getting the new images uploaded to website I fear it will be another late evening of knitting :)  And just to prove what I already knew........

"It's Amazing .... All That You Can Do"

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