Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Yarn Along

Being able to incorporate my love of yarn and reading by joining Ginny's Yarn Along is awesome, this is my first time at taking part in this project.  Am currently knitting a dog sweater for the Dogs Trust   As it is such an easy pattern I am able to read whilst knitting, the book I am currently reading is Believing The Lie by Elizabeth George.  Have read quite a few of her books in this series and to date none of them have disappointed me.

The dog jumper I am knitting is for a larger dog as the Trust often has limited supplies of these, it is knitted in Aran and will be finished with a fold-over collar and a crocheted edging.  Hopefully there will be one less chilly dog this winter :)


  1. Am sure the dogs will appreciate the warm coat !!

  2. Hello and welcome to the yarn along :- ) I love dogs (my best friend is a pug named Elvis :-). Knitting sweaters for dogs in need is very kind. I haven't read an Elizabeth George book in a long time--I'll have to see what's available at the library this week.

  3. How wonderful to knit for a dog in need I hope there is one less cold dog this winter