Sunday, 21 October 2012

Need a New Hat !!

Well, have had a rotten weekend, been rather poorly for the last few days and have had to ease up on the sewing/knitting.  Husband put himself in charge of running the household/shopping/cooking etc - and I must thank him for that delicious cup-a-soup he thrust in my direction at lunchtime(complete with spoon as he did not have time to stir it 'cos the football was on tv !!).   Blue & Digby fared much better as he did not have a clue how much food the dogs need each day and so they were delighted with their double helpings.  Thankfully my wonderful Mother arrived with this months copy of KnitNow magazine and real food :)

Earlier in the week I completed a cushion, designated for the re-decoration of my bedroom.  It was a great way to use up scraps of fabric and a few odd buttons.  It's a real hotch-potch of applique,embroidery,suffolk puffs etc.

It was lovely until both dogs decided to squash it by laying on it, and now it's proving difficult to iron out the wrinkles but I still love it.

Have finished the dog coat I was knitting for the Dog Trust project, just need to parcel it up and send it off, so one less cold & shivering dog on the streets this winter.  My mother had a beautiful hat pattern with her when she visited, she then convinced me it would suit me, so this afternoon was spent casting-on and knitting with my revered Fyberspates yarn.  Have had this for a few years but could not decide how to use it, so was pleased as punch to discover I have enough yarn to make the hat.  Cannot remember spending quite so much on one skein before but have to say it is pure pleasure to knit with.  The colour really does not show up well in this photo, the yarn has a remarkable sheen.  Am in desperate need of a new hat, something practical for dog walking & gardening, as any time spent outside in cold weather without a warm hat leads to a bout of very painful facial neuralgia :(

Am hoping to be back at the sewing machine in the next few days, designing and making the stock required for the christmas craft stalls that are coming up.  Love using the bright jewel coloured fabrics within my bags & purses range - perfect for all the parties on the horizon :) It's difficult keeping track of all the stock when having to start considering colours for next spring/summer too.

Would like to say I am now off for an early night with a hot water bottle and a honey-flavoured drink but..... Jennie Rayment is on Create & Craft ,with her Quilting Classroom show, at 1am - and I just cannot miss that (I fell for her sales patter and bought the TrueCut system, so I need to learn how to use it !!).

"It's Amazing .... All That You Can Do"

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