Friday, 12 October 2012

Craft Room

This is the sign I have in my sewing/craft room - it's necessary because despite having the smallest room in the house to use as my own (for creativity/inspiring moments and devouring chocolate) I am forever having to scoop up papers & 'stuff' left behind by my Husband.  Am unsure as to why he feels the need to encroach on my space - he has a drawer of his very own  in the kitchen !  Anyway the sign is there to serve as a reminder to him that it truly is best to leave me and my organised chaos to ourselves, and no, thank you but I really don't need a hand to tidy up :)

On a more positive note I have finished daughters socks - they are winging their way to her at uni as I type. I am romping away with the dog sweater for the Dog Trust project, have cast on some Boot Candy (boot cuffs are all the rage here in the country, wearing them with your wellies :s) to accessorise my new winter boots and have finished the order for hanging hearts for the Tea Boutique in Ipswich.  Oh and I even had time to make a scrummy apple cake, recipe was from Tea & Cake   Have to admit this was the 2nd time I have made this cake in as many days - it is so very delicious :)

Aside from taking the dog to the vet for annual boosters, tomorrow has been allocated to making something for... Me !!  Have really got to redecorate the main bedroom soon, so was thinking of pillows & cushions & quilts & throws.... and am now thinking I only have one day, maybe just a small wall hanging then !

"It's Amazing .... All That You Can Do"

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